Why Spend up to 80% more?

Reconditioning your batteries saves money. Period.

Industrial Battery Service started in the summer of 2012 as a dealer for Battery Service International. For 25 years they have been reconditioning batteries with sulfation buildup around the world. We use proprietary chemicals and special charging equipment to clean up these deposits. We found out from our customers that our services were needed in the industrial battery market.

These batteries are often looked at as an expensive “black box”. Customers are looking for help with these batteries which often cost thousands of dollars. Using our training with batteries we are providing maintenance, service, and replacement when needed.

Why Should You Hire Us?

What does bad battery maintenance cost in early replacement and down time? Most people do not have a good understanding of how batteries work and they do not care. They are trying to run their business and use their equipment to its full capabilities. Most batteries do not get checked regularly and lose their performance. As this happens, you have more and more down time. Now to figure out why these batteries are bad and lasting half their forecasted life.

With our specialized training we can give these batteries a “comprehensive physical”. At this point we can give you a direction to proceed for this problem and for the future.

We will also check out your battery charger performance. We have found that the battery charger is often the problem. They seldom, if ever, get checked if they are working properly. Sometimes they are not the correct charger to start with. This can also kill the expensive battery.

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Our reconditioning program is a proven success for over 25 years. We have successfully reconditioned batteries with sulfation buildup. Reconditioning adds years of life to expensive batteries.

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